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About Maskar company


Mashkar, a subsidiary of the Central Bottling Company Ltd. group, is the leading Israeli company in the field of vending machines selling food and soft drinks.


The company was established in 1988 and it operates thousands of automatic vending machines for soft drinks, coffee and snacks, from Mount Hermon in the north to the Taba crossing in the south.


The company has a qualified staff of about 130 employees throughout the country. Mashkar has four centres, situated in Sarafand, Beer Sheba, Kadouri and Eilat.


The maintenance centre, the foremost centre in Israel, has offices in the Caesarea Industrial Park.


Mashkar is Israeli's leading vending machine company and has hundreds of satisfied clients who opt to continue working with it annually.


Its clients include army bases, the Israeli Police, the Border Police, the Prison Service, Ben Gurion Airport, hospitals, manufacturing plants, local youth centres, colleges, universities and a large number of work places.


Professionalism and Dependability

The automatic vending machines are operated via the most advanced terminals and telemetric systems in the world, which permit complete data transparency as well as automatic transfer from the vending machines without outside involvement.


Response time for problem solving is very short. If, for any reason, a machine needs changing the maintenance centre has a supply of each type of vending machine for immediate replacement.


Mashkar's employees are trained in the operation and repair of a range of machines.


Customer Service and Client Centre


Mashkar is the sole automatic ending machine company in Israel that operates a countrywide customer service centre which supplies a variety of services, including


customer and purchaser inquiries which are channeled to the appropriate departments and follow-up until a resolution is found.


The computerized centre has all the technological equipment necessary to ensure that the machines are serviced to a high standard.


Various reports are issued daily to facilitate control and inspection.


Customer Satisfaction

Mashkar believes in giving the best service to the customers purchasing from its vending machines and providing satisfaction to its clients.


Mashkar regularly carries out surveys to measure customer satisfaction and check consumer trends in the market in order to respond to customers' requirements. Mashkar ensures that whenever there is a problem the customer will be compensated and receive his money back.


This is effected via a multi-use credit card in the vending machine which supports the credit systems used throughout the country.




Mashkar is aware of its responsibility when placing vending machines in busy areas and it has all relevant insurance policies, such as third party insurance, product insurance and employee insurance.



Mashkar has a business permit in force in Israel and a permit for the vending machines it operates from the Israel Standards Committee.


In addition, Mashkar is the only automatic vending machine company in Israel holding the ISO 9001 standard for its management processing system, the ISO 14001 standard for its environmental management system and the OHSAS 18001 standard for its employee safety management system.


These three standards award Mashkar a gold certificate.


We would be happy to meet you and explain all possibilities of doing business with Mashkar.


Mashkar Ltd. 9 Hashita Street, P.O.B. 3532, Caesarea Industrial Park 38900, Israel.


Tel: 04-6309999; fax: 0722740799; e-mail: mashkar@mashkar.co.il.

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